About Us

Jim Malloy began telling stories to his young children, James and Sara, to entertain them at bedtime. With every new nighttime opportunity, yarns like The Misadventures of Baseball Bear, The Continuing Saga of Blue Bob and Yellow Bob, and The Little Girl Named 'Pots and Pans' sprang from his active imagination.

Jim overcame shyness as a child and today enjoys a career that often requires public speaking - and eye contact. It is from those experiences, both as a child and an adult, that The Look Cookers! emerged.

Hannah Stephey is an illustrator and graphic designer from Chamdersburg, Pennsylvania where she has her own illustration studio, Superjellyland. While this is her first book for children, she is a lifelong artist, she has a penchant for quirky fun characters.

She loves lattes, her pug Mickey and finding ancient relics from the 90s on the Internet. These and other works can be found on her website, hannahstephey.squarespace.com.

The Look Cookers!

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